Vermont utilities warn customers of phone scam

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NEWPORT – Vermont utilities are warning customers of a recent phone scam.

In a sudden surge of calls, the scammers claim to be from a Vermont utility, including Green Mountain Power (GMP), Burlington Electric Department (BED), VGS, Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC), Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA), and Washington Electric Cooperative (WEC), and then demand immediate payment and threaten to cut off power.

If you receive such a call, police say to just hang up.

In an effort to inform others about the fake calls, customers started alerting their utilities just before noontime that scam callers are busy working the phones.

Dozens of customers have reported the scam calls so far.

Customers are urged to remember that, if they receive calls like this, they should hang up. Also, customers are recommended to:

Not provide payment or personal information
Not engage with the caller
Not to call back that number

Call customer service to report the scam and any details, including the number the call came from, the caller’s name, and what the caller said.


GMP: 888-835-4672
BED: 802-865-7300
VGS: 802-863-4511
VEC: 800-832-2667
VPPSA: 802-244-7678
WEC: 800-932-5245

Customers also are encouraged to report this scam to the Vermont Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program at 800-649-2424.