Vermont could be hit with strong winds as Isaias changes course

2 mins read

RUTLAND — The forecast for Tropical Storm Isaias continued shifting overnight, putting Vermont squarely in its path, and Green Mountain Power (GMP) is alerting customers to prepare.

Forecasters say as the storm track moves to the west, the heavy rain threat is reduced for parts of southeastern Vermont, and the threat of strong winds has increased, bringing the stronger possibility of statewide impacts including outages due to downed trees and power lines, though the full impacts are difficult to predict with the continued changing track of the storm.

“We track multiple forecasts to prepare for weather events so we can respond safely and efficiently for our customers, and as we said yesterday, the forecast continued to change as the storm moves north, with an even more western shift overnight,” said Mike Burke, Chief of Field operations for GMP. “We want customers across Vermont to be alert, and prepared for outages,” he said.

Forecasters say tropical storm force winds of 50 MPH and higher are possible, with the storm reaching the southern part of Vermont first late this afternoon, and it is predicted to exit the state around midnight.

Meteorologists say that tornadic thunderstorm activity has been seen with this storm as it moves across the mid-Atlantic states this morning.

Customers should be prepared for outages and stay away from any downed trees or lines.

Call GMP for assistance at 888-835-4672 and call 911 for a medical emergency.