Vermont charging up for Drive Electric Week

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NEWPORT — Plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are making inroads with Vermont drivers. As of July there were 3,288 passenger EVs registered in the state.

But with more than 40 percent of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from the transportation sector, the push is on to encourage even more Vermonters to get charged up about EVs.

A series of events across the state, organized in conjunction with National Drive Electric Week starting Sept. 14, aims to help Vermonters get a closer look at EVs, and learn more about the many advantages EVs offer over conventional gasoline-powered cars, including cleaner air and thousands of dollars in potential savings on fuel and maintenance.

Electric bicycles, mowers, and buses will also be featured at these events as additional options to go electric and save money, time, and improve communities. 

Incentives valued at up to $15,000 are currently available to Vermonters to reduce the cost of an EV purchase, including a federal tax credit and Vermont electric utility offers for purchasing/leasing an EV.

 The State of Vermont is also developing an incentive program expected to launch later this year. 

The Drive Electric Week festivities are free and open to all.

To entice more people to join in the fun, people who register to attend one of the events listed below will be eligible to win a $250 prize:

Sat, 9/14 – Upper Valley Drive Electric Event in White River Junction

Sat, 9/14 – Montpelier State House Drive Electric Event

Wed, 9/18 – Bennington Drive Electric Event

Fri, 9/20 – Burlington EV display at Burlington High School homecoming game

Sat, 9/21 – Grand Isle Drive Electric Event

Sat, 9/21 – Bethel Forward Festival EV Event

“Whether you are mildly curious about EVs or at the tipping point of purchasing one, these events are a great opportunity to learn more – and have fun in the process,” said David Roberts, Drive Electric Vermont Coordinator.