Survey of Vermont voters shows overwhelming support for Gray, Democrats in the legislature

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BENNINGTON — A new statewide poll of 500 likely voters conducted by Lake Research Partners, a national public opinion and political strategy research firm, shows Molly Gray leading in the race for Lieutenant Governor.

The poll also shows that voters express the need to prioritize key democratic issues when rebuilding the economy from COVID-19, and strongly support electing Democrats to the legislature.

Molly Gray currently holds a substantial lead over Scott Milne.

If the election for lieutenant governor were held today, 53 percent of voters stated they would vote for Gray and just 30 percent for Milne.

When asked about both Candidate Molly Gray and Scott Milne, 41 percent of voters express a favorable view of Gray versus 29 percent favorable of Milne.

Voters hold favorable views of Molly Gray across demographics.

More Democrats find Gray favorable than Republicans do Milne, and Gray is more favorable among Independents than Milne, according to the poll.

Both men and women express greater favorability toward Gray than Milne, 27 percent, and 30 percent respectively.

Democrats hold the advantage over Republicans in both favorability and support.

When asked about favorability of Democrats and Republicans in the legislature, almost nearly 6 in 10 voters, or 58 percent express favorability for Democrats in the legislature, compared to just 43 percent favorability for Republicans.

If the election were held today, 51 percent of voters stated they would vote for their district’s Democratic candidate compared to 30 percent for their Republican candidate.

Vermont voters have a range of concerns and priorities they would like to see the next legislature address.

They are most concerned about the cost and availability of healthcare (69% very concerned), the economic impacts of COVID-19 (66% very concerned), support for small businesses and the local economy (64% very concerned), and jobs and unemployment (62% very concerned).
Their top concerns mirror the top priorities they want the next state legislature to address, in addition they include voting access, the safe reopening of schools, and racial equality and justice as top priorities.

● The cost and availability of healthcare – 49% top priority (82% total priority)
● The economic impacts of COVID-19 – 47% top priority (82% total priority)
● Support for small business and the local economy – 43% top priority (83% total priority)
● Voting access—43% top priority (68% total priority)
● Safe reopening of schools – 42% top priority (81% total priority)
● Racial equality and justice – 41% top priority (68% total priority)
● Jobs and unemployment – 41% top priority (80% total priority)
Additionally, voters express support for candidates who are looking to address their concerns – helping grow the economy, creating jobs, helping families, and promoting racial equality. Voters are convinced to vote for candidates who support the following:
● Infrastructure including developing affordable housing, high speed internet and broadband access to boost our education, economies, and our health. (49% very convincing, 84% convincing)
● Policies that promote racial equality, reform our criminal justice system, demilitarize the police, and put an end to systemic and institutional racism. (45% very convincing, 70% convincing)
● Gun safety legislation to protect our children and communities. (44% very convincing, 74% convincing)
● Development of renewable clean energy sources to create new jobs and to help address climate change. (44% very convincing, 73% convincing)
● Creating policies to help working families, including paid family and medical leave, affordable, quality childcare, and affordable, accessible healthcare. (42% very convincing, 82% convincing)

“Unsurprisingly, voters have made it clear that Vermonters want to see bold female leadership and more Democrats elected to office,” said Ashley Moore, Director of Alliance for a Better Vermont. “Molly Gray’s vision aligns with what Vermonters cite as top priorities for the state and it’s clear her leadership is exactly what Vermont needs as we recover from COVID-19 and work to build a better future for Vermont.”

View complete survey responses at under “ABV News.”

Methodology: This statewide survey of 500 likely Vermont voters was conducted by Lake Research Partners.

Surveys were conducted between September 8th and September 13th via landline and cellphone using sample drawn from the voter file and screened to be likely voters.

The margin of error for the total sample is +/-4.4% and larger for demographic subgroups.