Green Mountain Boys protected the skies of New York City after the twin towers fell

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By Guy Page

September 11, 2019

Nicole Citro, founder of the pro F35 Green Ribbon campaign, held a press conference today to remind her fellow Vermonters to what the Vermont Air National Guard (VTANG) accomplished on 9/11: protecting America from any further threat to the homeland. 

Immediately after the two jets hit the WTC, the Green Mountain Boys were flying fighter cover over New York City, ready to warn off or if necessary shoot down any dangerous aircraft. 

“No one could have imagined before that day a scenario where evil would invade us on our own soil and strike us at our hearts, ” Ms. Citro, a South Burlington business owner,  said at her Kimball Ave. office. “The brave men and women of the 158th Fighter Wing did not hesitate for a millisecond when it was clear our nation was under attack. “

The Air National Guard was an integral part of the protection that day….suddenly our Green Mountain Boys were deployed,  not to someplace half a world away as most deployments take them, but right here at home. “

The Guard’s rapid,  effective deployment over NYC on 9/11 played a positive role in the Air Force decision to replace VTANG F16’s with F35s, the most modern US fighter jet.  The Air Guard’s mission continues to include air defense against attacks on the U.S. homeland, Ms. Citro said. The F35 will make that defense,  if necessary,  all the more viable, she said. 

Published by Guy Page, Page Communications

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