Brandon woman facing charges after several local burglaries

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WEST RUTLAND — A resident of Brandon is being charged after several burglaries that occurred in West Rutland last month.

On November 10, authorities were notified of a burglary that occurred at Kamuda’s Country Market in Pittsford.

Police say a woman made a forced entry into the market, causing damage.

State police Rutland barracks conducted a joint investigation with the Brandon Police Department in connection with six separate burglaries committed within a short time frame of one another.

Authorities say these burglaries targeted locations in West Rutland, Pittsford, and Brandon.

This week police say they interviewed Cassandra Chasse, 29, and she admitted to the burglaries committed at Kamuda’s Country Market and Maclure Library in Pittsford.

According to the report, Chasse further admitted to numerous burglaries in the Brandon area and burglary in the West Rutland area under investigation by another trooper.

Chasse was issued multiple citations on suspicion of burglary and ordered to appear in court on February 22.